Casa Fora de Casa

/ Sobreurbana at Goiânia - GO

Casa Fora de Casa / Realização Sobreurbana / Produção Centopéia 

Casa Fora de Casa is an integrated arts project that promotes reflection on the city that we have and that we want, through a cultural agenda that brings together training activities, debates, urban excursions and artistic presentations.The project seeks to strengthen networks of people and encourage greater participation by the population in the reframing and appropriation of public spaces in the city, through a set of key moments.
The 1st edition of Casa Fora de Casa was held between July and September 2016, in four squares in the Southern Sector, a neighborhood in Goiânia / GO, planned to be a garden neighborhood, however with many of its abandoned or underused green areas.

From The Immense Journey

Casa Fora de Casa - Táticas Urbanas is an urban intervention project that uses various artistic languages as an instrument for the appropriation of public spaces in the city.This first edition was dedicated to the green areas of the Southern Sector, in Goiânia.

Open and free meetings were held with the population to stimulate people's imagination about the public space, build a collective vision of the city's future and test some of these ideas.
The project treats the city as an extension of our home and alerts us to the importance of thinking, caring for and living the public spaces of cities.



The 2nd edition of Casa Fora de Casa was held between March and May 2018, at Setor Pedro Ludovico, in Goiânia / GO.A neighborhood built in the 1950s, which still concentrates a large part of the pioneer residents, and which despite the situation of social and economic vulnerability, has resisted strong real estate speculation. 

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