Casalab Mulher 

/ Centro de Direitos Humanos e Educação Popular - Campo Limpo at São Paulo - SP

2019 - Casalab Mulher - SP /Casa Lab: Laboratório de Fazeres da Mulher Periférica no CDHEP - Centro de Direitos Humanos e Educação Popular de Campo Limpo

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The CDHEP - Center for Human Rights and Popular Education in Campo Limpo is a non-governmental organization that aims to promote training, articulation, communication and advocacy strategies in public policies to prevent and overcome the various forms of violence that exist on the peripheries.

Transform your home with your own hands.This is the proposal of Casa Lab, a space for peripheral women in the “do-it-yourself” style, focused on the development and affirmation of female power, proposing to be a place of welcome, exchange and strengthening of this public.

It is a project that initially intends to bring together a collective of 30 women (cis or trans), with different ages, living in the districts of Capão Redondo, Campo Limpo, Jardim São Luís and Jardim Ângela who, over six months of activity, will participate in practical and theoretical workshops of a collaborative nature, totally free.

At Casa Lab, participants will learn by doing, applying various joinery, decoration, room design and residential maintenance techniques.In addition, they will be encouraged to create or restore their own furniture and objects.