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Alto Vera Cruz - BH / 2019
Para Favela Hacklab Produzido por Gambiologia + A Rebeldia / Patrocínio: Lei de Incentivo à Cultura / Photography Beth Freitas 

Conversadeira Desencontro and Conversadeira Tia Neiva was created by Fernanda Tosta, Alessandra Fiorini, Helena dos Santos Silva, Larissa Stephanie, Marcia Alves, Vanice Alessandra, Vera Lúcia Torres e Eloá Mata Machado.

Agradecimento especial aos artistas Sara Lana e Fred Paulino 

Conversation is a way of substantially loving and healing. The neurologist and psychiatrist who created psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud realized, from a biosocial view, the possibility of creating a new healing method that made him abandon the techniques of hypnosis and medication administration in his patients: the cure by speech, as way to access the unconscious. In philosophy, dialogue served as a theoretical model for action and practice. Philosophy depended on conversation, showing that, as a theory, it was completely connected to everyday life.

Conversation creates complicity. 

Conversadeira is a metaphor, it is a meeting in sculpture. When used, they generate a type of artistic proposition that happens among its participants through words - speech and listening. It provides a space-building experience that moves away from the common place / state, bringing us closer to understanding things, others and ourselves.

The Conversadeira object proposes an encounter performed by the distance of the bodies within a format to be modeled by her as a sculptural element. It is about knowing how to be in space and stay, arrive at the sculpture and perceive it as an object that proposes and involves the body in a different way to animate the discussion around speech and listening.

When we talk about the conversations that can happen from the object, we also bring the importance of listening and say that in order to talk we need to listen, bringing the ear and the body as fundamental parts of the work, making the conversation and the construction of the conversation based on what we hear.

Thus, we distribute the meaning of what is apprehended by the body - space - work interaction.

Interview > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QqsLNe4skI 

Interview > https://www.brasildefatomg.com.br/2019/12/09/em-bh-favela-hacklab-faz-oficinas-de-marcenaria-eletrica-e-costura-para-mulheres

Each Conversadeira is unique as well as the meeting of two people, forming a series of installations that celebrate the meeting of people from different places of speech, qualifying the spaces they occupy and suggesting a deepening and attention to the senses. Each proposal is based on the question 'Where', of what the place has as its vocation, becoming a version of this project created collectively. 

The main idea behind each chat is to sharpen the senses. Conversation is also a way of loving and healing.

In philosophy, dialogue served as a theoretical model for action and practice.We depend on the conversations, it is from them that we combine theory with our day-to-day practices.Conversation in relationships creates complicity, strong connections based on permanence, attention, care and affection in listening and being present.