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Estruturas Abertas

based on the project http://openstructures.net

LE / 1957
From The Immense Journey 

Carpentry workshop of the Open Structures construction method
presents a form of digital thinking in conjunction with the analog / physical construction, where the elaboration process is as important as the final result.

I will show the possibilities of developing and manufacturing a piece of furniture, stimulating constructive reasoning, raising essential questions for the realization of a functional project.Demystifying the functioning of objects, empowering the use of machines for the production of furniture created from individual / collective needs. 

Never has the future of work been so discussed in schools and companies.We are experiencing a great rupture of markets with technological advances in automation, applications and algorithms that are increasingly faster and more efficient. In the last 10 years, Design has become one of the fastest growing professions and today it occupies leadership positions within the institutions by training professionals who know how to create end to solve complex problems.

Carpentry is one of the oldest crafts where values such as resilience, autonomy and respect for nature are learned.Joinery combined with Design form a powerful combination of work.

Knowing how to do more - reflection plus action can save people and entire communities by bringing a source of income and education for their families.