Horta Modular

Horta Modular is a woodworking and planting laboratory with workshops to learn how to grow in a box, created by Fernanda Tosta, Ligia Campaner and Joici Ohashi. 

The Horta Modular 

We started to reflect on what are the "things" most important to us and we discovered that what we care about most is linked to situations in the past linked to our childhood, a relationship of feelings generated from a first experience. And of the situations that we remember the strongest feeling of love was linked to food, food is the first expression of affection that we record in our memory.

And for nourishing much more than the body, food and the moments we share during the act of eating mark us by the profound learning that all the senses together are capable of doing. We are interested in teaching that goes through all the senses, which is very similar to the experience we have in joinery, where mind and body are together as in a guided meditation for the construction of focus, which results in an object or piece of furniture.

We search the workshops for a way to rescue these primordial experiences, it is by reconnecting with the moments that make sense that we think about the design of a Vegetable Garden that would be Modular and that could assist in this contact between knowledge through creation / cultivation and by observing the processes of nature .

The format of the Modular Vegetable Garden and all the solutions implemented in it so that the project was as flexible as possible, designed in every detail so that it worked in the most diverse homes.


synopsis the course aims to discuss object solutions for small spaces that use materials that are easily accessible for manufacturing through an understanding of the creative process and empowerment in the use of tools.in this first module we will build a modular system for planting herbs and spices using plywood in a simple assembly system with screws and fittings.


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Object Conversadeira 
1. Conversadeira is a metaphor, it is a meeting in sculpture. When used, they generate a type of artistic proposition that happens among its participants through words - speech and listening. It provides an experience of space that distances us from the common state, bringing us closer to the attempt to understand things, others and ourselves.