Fernanda Tosta — Designer and Artist

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I love teaching what I can do

I develop workshops where, through carpentry, I seek to promote social transformation, focusing on the individual protagonism of each participant, combining empathetic communication and collaborative creation processes through project learning.

I dedicate myself to learn and teach the craft of carpentry since 2013 having done several projects of furniture and products using traditional techniques to digital manufacturing in the execution of my creations.

My training in General Design and Postgraduate in Design Management provided contact with tools that help me create innovative teaching experiences, applying methodologies such as design-thinking and prototyping, so that doing is part of learning.

I believe in the power of collaboration to solve real problems and for that reason I collaborated in countless joint efforts, in addition to guiding multidisciplinary groups in projects such as Hackathon Paulista (2015), Casa Fora de Casa (2017-2018) and Interactivos (2016-2018).

I am part of the association Silo - Arte e Latitude Rural with orientation of cultural projects in Serrinha do Alambari - RJ and I also teach and learn with young deaf and listeners in the socio-educational joinery project at the Tomie Ohtake Institute (2016-2018).

I research teaching methodologies, experiential learning approaches in artistic processes and also the impact of urban furniture in public spaces. I have worked with several collectives, organizations, companies and projects created by me or in partnerships with different activities.