Sesc Registro  / 2019 / Photography Elaine Medeiros 

What if we could see the potential that exists behind a piece of wood?

Sobraprima is a concept that seeks to disseminate the aesthetics of improvisation, splicing, connections and junctions. Valuing the creative process of building something new with what already exists, giving a second life. In this context, leftover wood gains value as a unique material, and from the subjectivity of each participant different pieces are built.

Workshop at Sesc Registro / 2019 

Sobraprima is also a practical carpentry workshop that combines the reuse of wood and artistic experimentation for the construction of unique pieces. At the end of the workshops, participants took a single object based on the key theme of the proposal.

 Workshop at Pixel Show by Instituto Leo 2019 

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Object Conversadeira 
1. Conversadeira is a metaphor, it is a meeting in sculpture. When used, they generate a type of artistic proposition that happens among its participants through words - speech and listening. It provides an experience of space that distances us from the common state, bringing us closer to the attempt to understand things, others and ourselves.